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About us

Why we was choose the word Liray for our company's first name and what does it mean?
Actually our manufacturing company Liray Style’s is a Pakistan base company which is located in the heart of Pakistan Sialkot. We are exporting our products all over the world since 10 years, and now we decided to start our own clothing brand in Pakistan. We are Punjabi people and our forefathers were also Punjab, so that's why we had chosen Liray as our company's first name because' in our Punjabi language the word Liray used for clothes.

Aim of our company
The aim of Liray Styles is to provide the export quality products to our citizens. We want that all over Pakistan, people use their own country's branded products, on the other hand, it could be helpful to make our country financially and economically strong.

Product quality &development
Liray Styles continues to explore diverse products with quality designs. Our Design and manufacturing team help the buyers with the development of new eye catching export quality products.

Price and quality
Our products have the best fabric quality and these products are available at a very reasonable price which is 50% cheaper than the market price. We just want to provide our best export quality products to the citizens of Pakistan at a very reasonable price because they can be analyze there is no difference between our own Pakistani made products and imported products.